IMPOrtant Information Regarding COVID-19

A note to our patients,

We remain committed to the health and wellbeing of ALL of our patients and their families. We will continue to follow the universal standards in sanitization and sterilization techniques such wearing gloves, masks and protective eye wear as well as disinfection of treatment rooms, equipment and instruments used. As an added precaution we are asking patients to wash their hands upon entering the building. We are also disinfecting all common areas multiple times a day.


What you can do:

Wash your hands with soap and hot water and avoid from touching your face

Avoid crowded places with low ventilation

Cough and sneeze in your elbow instead of your hands or the air

If you wish to avoid a crowded waiting room and would prefer to stay in your vehicle until we are ready for your appointment you can call our office from the parking lot to check in at Fredericksburg Periodontist Phone Number 540-548-2605, but we will check you in only when you enter in our parking lot.

Stay home if you are ill or feeling under the weather, or you should self-quarantined if you have come into contact with someone who experienced positive + for the COVID-19.

Please feel free to contact our office with any questions or concern


For more information, including  to keep yourself healthy, visit the following links:

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