Implant Supported Overdenture

How Do Implant-Supported Overdentures Work?

An implant-supported overdenture is a contemporary restoration that has revolutionized the way surgeons and dentists think of replacing a full set of teeth. Standard dentures are unsecured prostheses with inherent limitations. Dentures can be painful, inconvenient and unstable.  Dentures can make chewing foods difficult, limiting food choices.

Implant-supported overdentures replace your missing teeth with full dental bridges supported by dental implants.  Implants are not needed to replace every tooth, so overall treatment time and cost is reduced.  Implant supported overdentures may be an option for patients where existing bone volume limits the areas suitable for implant placement and the patient cannot or does not wish to consider some type of bone graft surgery to increase bone volume. Implant-supported overdentures connect to the supporting implants with bar and clip attachment methods, ball-shaped anchors, magnets, or stud attachments termed “locators”. The most appropriate attachment system for your individual needs will be discussed with you early in the treatment sequence.  Typically, a temporary set of teeth can be placed on the same day of surgery. The temporary teeth allow you to lead a normal life immediately after surgery. After a short healing period, your dentist will place the final bridge. Your quality of life is improved, and you can start enjoying your favorite foods again with renewed confidence.

What are the advantages of implant-supported overdentures?

  • A cost effective solution. When compared to some other implant supported restoration methods, your new replacement teeth require fewer implants for each jaw. With fewer implants required, the cost is lowered.
  • Reduced need for bone grafting. The special angled placement of two of the implants ensures a secure and stable anchorage for the replaced arch, often making bone grafting unnecessary.
  • Faster treatment and healing time. Your replacement arch may be attached to your implants immediately after insertion.
  • Scientifically proven and documented. Implant-supported overdentures have had good clinical outcomes documented in long-term studies.

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